VanHart Greenhouses is a family owned organic farm operated by husband and wife team Ron and Loretta VanHart.

The VanHart family legacy of greenhouse growing began in the early 1900's on a small farm in Holland. In 1949, Ron's father John immigrated to Canada and started a 45-acre vegetable plantation in the Holland Marsh. This was the farm that Ron was raised on and John used to teach his son the growing techniques he had learned from his own father.

In 1975, father and son formed an official partnership as John VanHart & Son. By 1979 they were one of the largest lettuce producers in Ontario with crops spanning 75 acres. During this time they performed extensive research on the results of chemicals in the growing process and worked on perfecting greenhouse farming. John encouraged Ron to look into the idea of
organic agriculture. He suggested they take Holland's
newest technological breakthroughs for greenhouses
and biological control and try it in the Holland Marsh.
The pair studied greenhouse structure and
environments for fifteen years before finally finding
a successful formula for organics. In 1994, Ron and
Loretta VanHart built a ten thousand square foot
state-of-the-art glass greenhouse in order to put
their knowledge of organics to the test. Unfortunately,
that year John lost his fight with cancer and was
unable to see his dream of organic growing realized.
John's memory and knowledge however, were carried
on by his son Ron under the label of VanHart Greenhouses: All Organic.

Ron and Loretta now produce a wide-range of delicious organics including their famous tomatoes and edible flowers. Their produce is available at 6 farmers' markets and even featured in local restaurants. For a complete list of locations, click here.

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