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Feature Market
The Summerhill Market is located in the heart of Rosedale, just East of Mount Pleasant and North of Bloor. Owned and operated by the McMullen family since 1954, this community market is open 364 days a year and is dedicated to providing the finest products and the best old-fashioned service. At Summerhill Market you can purchase VanHart's organic lettuce, spinach and tomatoes practically all year-round and VanHart's cucumbers, peppers and other produce when seasonal. Please visit our 'Locations' page on for store hours and directions.

Fiction: All organics are grown in manure.

Fact: While some organic farmers believe in using animal waste as fertilizer, VanHart Greenhouses choose not to use manure because of the risk of transmitting disease. Instead we use an all-natural compost, of our unique formulation, containing peat moss, loam, worm castings and kelp. The result is a soil rich in nitrogen and minerals that promotes healthy plant life.

Our trademark is our bright red, juicy beefstake tomatoes. We produce approximately X per year and they are available from May to Nov. Vine-ripened, our tomatoes are allowed to fully develop their delicious flavour and because they are ripened on the vine they contain important phytochemicals proven to prevent cancer. We offer yellow and red beefstake tomatoes in 4 varities as well as yellow pear tomatoes, and 6 kinds of cherry tomatoes. Try some today in your favorite recipe.
Cherry Tomato and Cabbage Salad

1 head purple cabbage-chopped or shredded
1 large purple onion-minced
1 handful fresh parsley-chopped fine
1 pint cherry tomatoes-halved

1/4 cup olive oil
1 small garlic clove-smashed
1 large lemon -juiced
salt & pepper

Toss all ingredients together, Enjoy!

great blood cleanser, keeps fresh covered in refrigerator for a week

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