What is organic?
Organic farming is much more than choosing not to use certain pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, and growth hormones which are not permitted by accepted Organic Standards. Organic agriculture is a holistic system of crop and livestock production designed to optimize the productivity, and fitness of diverse communities within the agro ecosystem, including soil organisms, plants, livestock and people. It is a simple approach that starts from the ground up. Many organic farmers believe a healthy soil produces healthy plants and, in turn, healthy people.

The Challenges
Organic farming presents many challenges. Some crops are more difficult than others to grow organically. However, there are successful organic farmers in every county in Ontario producing almost every commodity.

Health Benefits
There are many health benefits from buying organically grown food. Unlike industrial farms whose soil has been stripped of its essential nutrients, organic soil is naturally enriched with a multitude of beneficial vitamins and minerals. (You will notice this also results in a richer and fuller flavour!)

Organic food is free of highly soluble and synthetically compounded chemicals and is not genetically modified.

Another tasty benefit of the organics grown at VanHart's is that the fruits and vegetables are vine-ripened. Not only does this allow the flavour of the produce to fully develop, but this final
growth period is also when the phytochemicals are produced. Research has proven that phytochemicals promote health and prevent cancer.

Of course the farthest-reaching benefit from buying organic is that you are contributing to the creation of a harmonious and sustainable environment. And what is good for the earth is good for you and your children.

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